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Departemen Kelautan dan Perikanan Vacancy

The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Establishment   is essentially a challenge, as well as opportunities for the development of marine and fisheries sector of Indonesia. That is, how the CTF is putting marine and fisheries sector as one of the leading sectors that can deliver the Indonesian nation out of a prolonged economic crisis. The Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries mission, functions, organizational structures and its position in the cabinet are determined by Presidential Decree No.165 in the year 2000 issued in 23 November 2000. The Presidential decree No.9 in the year 2005, stipulated that the main mission of the MMAF is: “To Assist the President (of the Republic of Indonesia) in holding the process of governance in the Marine and Fisheries sector”.

Job Vacancy Announcement

Number: B. 557/BPSDMKP.04/TU.210/XII/2011

ACCEPTANCE OF CONTRACT LABOUR fisheries extension workers (PPTK)
YEAR 2012

In order to realize the vision and mission of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries to Make Indonesia As the producer of Marine and Fishery Products Descending Year 2015, Life, and welfare of Fishermen required qualified human resources to manage the marine and fishery resources in an efficient and sustainable manner for the welfare of the Indonesian nation. Human resources professionals are reliable and the basic capital for the development of marine and fisheries.

In addition to realizing the vision and mission of the CTF, KP Extension Center, BPSDM KP also has a strategic plan (Strategic Plan), namely: The entire area of ​​potential fishery into areas Minapolitan with a bankable business toward the industrialization of the national fisheries. Within the framework of realizing the strategic objectives defined, then set two performance indicators KP Extension Centre, namely:
an increase in the percentage of groups with independent business after getting assistance PPTK;
increase the percentage of outreach materials to reach the region Minapolitan by PPTK
The second embodiment of this indicator in the field, is not an easy thing, because that's Counseling Center will KP synergizing all the power and funds available; to accelerate its realization. In connection with some of the things mentioned above; it is necessary to set Extension Fisheries Technical Guidelines for Acceptance of Contract Labour in 2012 by sharpening requirements, thus giving confidence that PPTK year 2012 will be eligible dinamisator and prime mover capable of helping Echelon scope of the CTF in achieving targets of performance.

At the level of success of the vision of the target translation Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, which lists the numbers increase aquaculture production by 353%; capture fisheries increased by 6% and other sectors, then there is no other way, except for moving the entire human resource potential of marine and fisheries massive with perceptions of unity and unification. Step unification efforts in the midst of society, as referred to is the implementation of fisheries extension system.

Fisheries Extension Contract Labor (PPTK) at the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries in 2012 must meet the requirements and submit an application letter in accordance with technical guidance on Fisheries Extension Acceptance Contract Labour (PPTK) at the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries 2012 (attached) and be received by no later than committee at the Extension Center KP dated January 6, 2012 either by post or email

Jakarta, December 2011
Counseling Center KP
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For those interested candidate, please download details information regarding requirement and further applying at following link below. [Source: Departemen Perikanan dan Kelautan Indonesia] 

Download >>  Technical Guidance  <>  Formation List 

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